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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mentor, Janice Lynn, Has a New Story

My mentor—the beautiful, talented, and generous Janice Lynn—has a new story entitled The Nurse's Miracle Baby. It is included in this Mills & Boon anthology with stories by two other known authors and an introduction by none other than the great Penny Jordan. Recently, Janice wrote: "There are 3 stories in the book and an introduction from the fabulous Penny Jordan--yes, THE PENNY JORDAN, and yes, I get a little light-headed every time I see that cover with her name and my name. WOW. Totally a pinch worthy moment. She's so fabulous!"

I had the pleasure to cross paths with Penny Jordan (only in the most distant way, mind you) when I belonged to the Romantic Novelists' Association. I got light-headed every time I saw an e-mail from her arrive in my in-box, not as an aspiring romance author, but as one of her long-time readers. What a special delight it is for me now to see my mentor's name on the same book cover with Penny Jordan's name!

You can order this book at Amazon.


  1. What a beautiful cover, very romantic

  2. It is the kind of cover we all dream about.

  3. And he's the kind of man we all dream about.