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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finalist in the 2010 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Contest!

The results are in for the preliminary round of the 2010 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Contest. I have an entry that is a finalist. Here is the title and category:

The Loving of Lord Loxley ~ Finalist, Romantic Sensual and Sizzling Category

An hour ago, I heard the telephone ring. DH said, "Alabama is calling." I thought, "Why would Lynn Raye Harris' state of Alabama be calling me on New Year's Eve?" You see, she is the only one I know who lives in Alabama, and so, whenever I hear "Alabama," I naturally think of her. Well, it was the Linda Howard contest coordinator, calling to let me know that my entry is a finalist. I've been a contest finalist and category coordinator, but before this call, neither had I ever received a call from a contest coordinator nor made one to a contest finalist.

With the heavy use of e-mail and snail mail in this industry, you forget that authors, editors, and agents have voices—wonderful voices with Southern drawls, Northern twangs, and foreign accents. Of course, I had to ask, "Is Lynn Raye Harris a member of your chapter?" The coordinator said, "Yes." So, instead of thanking her for calling me with good news (which I should have done, of course), all I could think to say was, "You must tell her that you called me in New York." And as I hung up, I wasn't thinking so much of my contest final, but rather of this wonderful, though too brief, connection to other people in my writing world.

Congratulations to all finalists!


  1. Madeline, congratulations!!!!!! This is SO cool! And I still owe you a copy of SMRHR! I keep hoping we'll see each other at a conference, but I'd be happy to mail it too. :) Wow, you're doing great lately now that I'm looking at your sidebar! And I am NOT surprised. :)