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Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Publish With A New E-Publisher...Or Not?

During the past couple of weeks, several of my aspiring author friends have been all a twitter (that is, "a twitter"as in old-fashioned chirping away with one another rather than as in modern tweeting on Twitter) about a new e-publisher on the scene (I'll call it "Happy New Publisher"). I researched this start-up on EREC and elsewhere, learning that the two principals have no editorial experience between them. As an attorney, I shivered at the inherent dangers of getting caught up as an author in such a scenario.

Then, as it would happen, an aspiring author (I'll call her "Happy New Author") mentioned that she had just submitted a story to Happy New Publisher. A few days later, Happy New Author said that she had a contract in hand from Happy New Publisher and was off to choose a book cover. I wish her the best, as I always enjoy vicariously when someone else succeeds at something.

But would I go this way? No, this isn't the right scenario for me. When it comes to writing, I want one thing more than anything—an editor. Oh yes, I want an editor, one who has experience, one who'll see my promise, one who'll send me revision requests, one who'll demand more and more of me. When this happens, and I know it won't happen within a few days, I'll be a happy new author, but probably one with an established publisher, whether print or electronic.

Happy Writing...and Revising!