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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Double Finalist in the 2010 Wallflower Contest!

The results are in for the 2010 Wallflower Contest. For this contest, I took a foray into the genre of contemporary series. To my delight, both of my entries are finalists. Here are the titles and categories:

Royal Prince, Reluctant Princess ~ Finalist, Genres Division: Contemporary Series Category

The Playboy's Fake Fiancée ~ Finalist, Scenes Division: Opening Hook Category

Monday, November 29, 2010

Writing with the Stars - End of Round Two: Best Hero and Heroine

The voting poll has closed for Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest. RT Book Reviews will announce the results just before the start of Round Three on December 13th. Thank you to all who voted for me in Round Two.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

January Issue of RT Book Reviews Magazine Covers Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest

January's issue of RT Book Reviews Magazine covers Round Two (Best Hero and Heroine) of the Writing with the Stars Contest, which runs from November 8th through November 28th. The description of the hero and heroine in my novel, Aliya Arabesque, appears on page 30.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Voting Begins in Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest (successor to American Title)!

Voting opens today at for Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest. Here are descriptions of the hero and heroine of Aliya Arabesque:

November 8 - November 28

The Heroine:

Aliya Roberts is a woman of conflicting worlds, her hair a piece of Arabian silk in the color of Western wheat, yet her eyes the green of the West set in the almond shape of Arabia. For years, she has rebuilt her life in New York and swallowed her hatred of the Middle East, the world from which her parents' murderers came. When her sister disappears, Aliya must journey across a world not only to find her sister, but her destiny.

The Hero:

With dark eyes, hawkish nose, and sensuous mouth, Sheikh Farūq of the al-`Azīz is a man as harshly beautiful, deeply mysterious, and dangerously forbidding as his desert. During a sandstorm, he comes upon an American infidel of al-Jābir blood and carries her off to his harem, challenging his tribe. To settle an ancient grievance, he must marry his enemy, but to capture her heart, he must betray his world.

Mentor Emma Lang's Comments:

Describing the hero and heroine can set the tone for the book. Madeline knew her characters well, bringing them forth through words. Readers can visualize not only Aliya and the sheikh, they are ready to embark on a journey with them, to find out what happens, to become a part of their unforgettable story.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Arab Love Song

One of my Arab Muslim friends has posted this on her blog. It is an Arab love song performed by Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer. Enjoy!

For those who don't know Arabic, here is a loose translation:

بالروح بالدم رح تبقى يا غالي
In the soul, in the heart, you will stay, oh precious one

بالروح بالدم شو ما صار بحالي
In the soul, in the heart, no matter what happens to me

مجنوني عني قالوا
“Crazy,” they said about me

كل واحد حر بحالو
Everyone is free with his own self

يفنى الكون من رجالو ما في غيرك رجالي
If all the men in the world finish, no one other than you would be my man

لو غصبوني بغيرك لو ما بسمح يصفالو الجو
If they force me to be with someone other than you, I won't allow the air to be calm around them (meaning I will cause problems and be uneasy)

ما بيطلع علي الضو بالليل بسمم حالي
The morning will not come on me, I will poison myself during the night

اول ما شفتك جنين عبقوجي وشو نهميت
When I first saw you I went crazy, my face changed and I was concerned

بالرجعة ضيعت البيت
I lost my way on the way back home

الحب بيعمي يا حالي
Love makes you blind