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Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Arab Love Song

One of my Arab Muslim friends has posted this on her blog. It is an Arab love song performed by Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer. Enjoy!

For those who don't know Arabic, here is a loose translation:

بالروح بالدم رح تبقى يا غالي
In the soul, in the heart, you will stay, oh precious one

بالروح بالدم شو ما صار بحالي
In the soul, in the heart, no matter what happens to me

مجنوني عني قالوا
“Crazy,” they said about me

كل واحد حر بحالو
Everyone is free with his own self

يفنى الكون من رجالو ما في غيرك رجالي
If all the men in the world finish, no one other than you would be my man

لو غصبوني بغيرك لو ما بسمح يصفالو الجو
If they force me to be with someone other than you, I won't allow the air to be calm around them (meaning I will cause problems and be uneasy)

ما بيطلع علي الضو بالليل بسمم حالي
The morning will not come on me, I will poison myself during the night

اول ما شفتك جنين عبقوجي وشو نهميت
When I first saw you I went crazy, my face changed and I was concerned

بالرجعة ضيعت البيت
I lost my way on the way back home

الحب بيعمي يا حالي
Love makes you blind

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