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Monday, November 8, 2010

Voting Begins in Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest (successor to American Title)!

Voting opens today at for Round Two of the Writing with the Stars Contest. Here are descriptions of the hero and heroine of Aliya Arabesque:

November 8 - November 28

The Heroine:

Aliya Roberts is a woman of conflicting worlds, her hair a piece of Arabian silk in the color of Western wheat, yet her eyes the green of the West set in the almond shape of Arabia. For years, she has rebuilt her life in New York and swallowed her hatred of the Middle East, the world from which her parents' murderers came. When her sister disappears, Aliya must journey across a world not only to find her sister, but her destiny.

The Hero:

With dark eyes, hawkish nose, and sensuous mouth, Sheikh Farūq of the al-`Azīz is a man as harshly beautiful, deeply mysterious, and dangerously forbidding as his desert. During a sandstorm, he comes upon an American infidel of al-Jābir blood and carries her off to his harem, challenging his tribe. To settle an ancient grievance, he must marry his enemy, but to capture her heart, he must betray his world.

Mentor Emma Lang's Comments:

Describing the hero and heroine can set the tone for the book. Madeline knew her characters well, bringing them forth through words. Readers can visualize not only Aliya and the sheikh, they are ready to embark on a journey with them, to find out what happens, to become a part of their unforgettable story.


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