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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winner of the 2010 Wallflower Contest!

The Wallflower Contest is my favorite writing contest, no doubt because I had both my first final and my first win in this contest in 2008.

Last October, when the 2010 Wallflower rolled around, I wanted to enter, but most of my stories had already taken first place in other contests, which precluded them from entry (except for in The Rose Division, a first place only category, but I had already finaled in this division during the 2009 Wallflower).

So, for the 2010 Wallflower, I pulled out two contemporary stories. In October, I entered them in the preliminary round, and the following month, I learned that both were finalists. I made a few tweaks and submitted them to the final round.

Since then, I'd forgotten about the 2010 Wallflower, probably because so much has happened to me during the past couple of months. Anyway, I received news today of the final rankings by the Harlequin editors. Here are my results:

The Playboy's Fake Fiancée ~ First Place, 2010 Wallflower Contest, Scenes Division: Opening Hook Category (PARTIAL REQUESTED BY EDITOR).

Royal Prince, Reluctant Princess ~ Second Place, 2010 Wallflower Contest, Genres Division: Series Contemporary Category.

Oh yes, I love the Wallflower Contest!

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